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At Zillion Telesoft, we believe that digitalisation is the key to success for any business. With our custom-made solutions, we can help you make the most of the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to optimise your operations and maintenance activities


We remove the guesswork

At Zillion Telesoft, we’re dedicated to making the manufacturing process easier and more efficient. Our advanced AI and machine learning modules, combined with our IIOT dashboards, allow us to remove the guesswork from your manufacturing process


Predictive Maintenance


IIOT DAshboarding & Reports


Inventory Management


Supply Chain Optimization


Utility Optimization


What we offer

Process Automation

We are your Machine & Manufacturing Process Automation Experts . With our advanced technology and expert knowledge, we will make sure you maximize the potential of your machines and manufacturing processes.

Machine Learning

Our advanced Machine Learning Modules provide an incredible 90%+ accuracy for a variety of industrial machines and manufacturing use cases. With our Machine Learning Modules, you can be sure that your industrial machines and manufacturing processes are running at their peak performance.

IIOT DAshboards

With our IOT Dashboards, you can stay connected to your process from anywhere in the world. Keep track of critical insights, make informed decisions, and take control of your process quickly and easily.

R & D

Our focus is on continuous development and innovation. We invest 10% of our profits into research and development, so that we can create systems tailored to your specific needs. By investing in R&D, we strive to make sure that our systems are up-to-date, reliable, and efficient enough to meet your demands.

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Zillion Telesoft is a Software Development (global IT solutions) company with a team of over 25+ years experience in providing a user friendly feature and customised solutions for small, medium and large businesses related to IOT , Cloud Computing ,Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence


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