Our Emerging Technologies 

At Zillion Telesoft, we believe that Future is going to be in the Technology . With Aritificial Intelligence and Machine Learning we can do very Complex tasks very Efficiently . Our Productline of Developed products is Listed Below;

  • GPR Drones : Drones with Ground Penetrating RADAR Sensors . 
  • Gyro Hybrid UAV : Hybrid UAV Designed to Carry Loads upto 200 kgs 
  • Anti Drone Systems 
  • Firing Simulators and Test Benches , customized for the Local Weaponry
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What we offer

gpr drones

Break through the ground and gain valuable subsurface insights with GPR Drones. These innovative Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) integrate Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology, offering a non-intrusive method to map and visualize what lies beneath the surface. This powerful combination unlocks a new dimension of data collection for applications in archaeology, environmental surveying, infrastructure inspection, and more.

Gyro Hybrid UAV

Gyro hybrid uav

The future of heavy-lift drones is here with the Gyro Hybrid UAV. This revolutionary unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) leverages a hybrid propulsion system to achieve exceptional payload capacity, capable of carrying a staggering 200 kilograms. This groundbreaking technology combines the efficiency of electric motors with the extended range of traditional combustion engines, making it ideal for a wide range of demanding applications in logistics, search and rescue, construction, and beyond.

anti drone systems

In today’s increasingly complex airspace, maintaining security against unauthorized drone intrusions is paramount. Zillion Telesoft’s Anti-Drone Systems provide a comprehensive solution to safeguard critical infrastructure, sensitive areas, and vital operations from unwanted aerial threats. These advanced systems effectively detect, identify, and neutralize drone incursions, offering unparalleled protection and peace of mind.

firing simulators

Forget generic training simulations! Zillion Telesoft’s Weapon Firing Simulators are a game-changer for military and law enforcement personnel. These state-of-the-art systems are custom-built to perfectly replicate the firing characteristics and functionalities of your local weaponry. This ensures your training experience is as realistic and relevant as possible, allowing you to hone your skills with the exact equipment you’ll be using in the field. With Zillion Telesoft’s Weapon Firing Simulators, you can train confidently, knowing you’re prepared for any situation.

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